AquAlliance exists to defend northern California waters and to challenge threats to the hydrologic health of the northern Sacramento River watershed. We are prepared and willing to confront the escalating attempts to divert more and more water from the northern Sacramento River hydrologic region.


Stop 10-year WaterTransfersProposed 10-Year Water Transfer Program could send 600,000 acre-feet of Northern California water south. 

Click here to read EIS/EIR and why AquAlliance and others think it’s a bad idea.   


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Costs vs. Benefits of Big Water Projects: When compared with urban water efficiency, the water storage projects that would be half-funded by the November water bond have very high per-project costs, low yield, and immensely high costs per acre-foot of water. Increasing urban water efficiency only costs about $112 per acre-foot while raising Shasta dam is over $23,000 per acre-foot and building Sites reservoir is almost $6,000 an acre-foot. (An acre-foot is 325,851 gallons of water, enough to last two average California households a year for outdoor and indoor uses.)

Sources for AquAlliance’s Bar Graph: Shasta: Bureau of Reclamation, Plan Formulation Appendices, 2013; Temperance Flat: DWR, Temperance Flat Reservoir FAQ, 2007; Sites: DWR, Sites Reservoir FAQ, 2007; Urban Water Efficiency: CalFed Bay Delta Program, Water Use Efficiency Element, 2006 (pp. 126, 130)