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September 17, 2017: KZFR radio – Ecotopia: AquAlliance and the Twin Tunnels
Barbara Vlamis, AquAlliance Executive Director, spoke to Ecotopia about the lawsuit filed by AquAlliance and several allies in response to the Department of Water Resources’ effort to bypass citizen input and issue itself a blank check to build Jerry Brown’s Twin Tunnels. Listen to this interview to understand the complexities of legal maneuvering on this important issue.


March 8, 2017: KZFR radio – The Real Issue
To help understand the issues with the Oroville Dam crisis, listen to this KZFR radio interview with AquAlliance’s water analyst Jim Brobeck and Butte County Supervisor Bill Connelly.


May 23, 2017: KZFR radio – Ecotopia: Oroville Dam and Northern California Waters
The near catastrophe at Oroville Dam was the focus of this program, leading to a discussion of the broader issues involving our limited water supply. Barbara Vlamis, Aqualliance Executive Director, is an outspoken critic of the Department of Water Resources, not only for its handling of Oroville dam and the crisis, but for its prioritizing the alleged needs of the large water districts over the needs and interests of the people. After talking about the failures at Oroville, she went  on to discuss issues of preservation and conservation of water in the wake of an unusually wet winter. She assured us that the long-range issues remain and that Aqualliance is continuing in its efforts to ensure transparency and, as needed, to litigate against those who would appropriate our water.