Lawsuit Filed Against Twin Tunnels (aka WaterFix)

DWR Gets Another Failing Grade Chico, CA: AquAlliance and a coalition filed a lawsuit in state court against the Department of Water Resources (DWR)) over their Environmental Impact Report’s (EIR) inadequate disclosure, avoidance of impacts, analysis, and mitigation for the … Continue reading

Brown’s twin tunnels will hurt the delta

May 15, 2017 — Gov. Jerry Brown is never more convincing than when he is blasting President Donald Trump for his failure to make policy decisions based on the best science available. It’s too bad the governor doesn’t see the hypocrisy … Continue reading

New Questions Over California Water Project

AP NewsBreak By Ellen Knickmeyer, Associated Press August 12, 2016, 3:02 am ET SAN FRANCISCO — Critics and a state lawmaker say they want more explanations on who’s paying for a proposed $16 billion water project backed by Gov. Jerry Brown, … Continue reading

Victory for the NorthState!

Faulty Delta Stewardship Council Plan and EIR Stopped 6.23.16: We won! The Delta Stewardship Council’s poorly-crafted Plan to reduce reliance on water exports from the Delta, provide a reliable supply of water, and protect and enhance water quality from the Delta failed … Continue reading

Tunnels don’t add up, now we know why

3.20.16, Modesto Bee: For years now, Gov. Jerry Brown has been telling us that he will save the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta – the greatest fresh-water estuary on this side of the continent – by taking water out of it. Environmental … Continue reading

Fine should put a halt to twin tunnels

3.18.16, Contra Costa Times: Give it up, governor. Gov. Jerry Brown is counting on the Westlands Water District to be one of the major financial backers of his $15 billion Delta tunnels, easily the largest public works project in U.S. history. It’s … Continue reading

Twin Tunnels Protest 1.5.16

Protest of CSPA, C-WIN & AquAlliance of the Petitions “Requesting Changes in Water Rights of the Department of Water Resources and US Bureau of Reclamation of the California Waterfix Project” Click here to view the Protest document. (Yellow highlights show our specific section, although … Continue reading