Federal Water Agency Failed to Disclose Funding for Twin Tunnels

9.8.17: The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation failed to reveal significant funding for the Twin Tunnels. The Office of the Inspector General for the Interior Department stated that, “…USBR did not disclose the full cost of its participation in the BDCP, subsidized CVP water contractors, and converted $50 million in Federal funds from reimbursable to nonreimbursable without documentation to support its determination that the funds should be nonreimbursable.”

The Bureau is the same federal agency that AquAlliance is suing over their plans to transfer in ten years more water from the NorthState than the City of Chico would use in 200 years [see Lawsuit Filed Against 10-Year Water Transfer Program]. AquAlliance also filed its first lawsuit over the Twin Tunnels in August 2017 [see Lawsuit Filed Against Twin Tunnels (aka WaterFix)].

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