Program – Vernal Pools Conference 2018

A Conference in Chico, California, April 11-13, 2018
Presented by AquAlliance and the Vernal Pool Recovery Plan Implementation Regional Working Group of Butte, Glenn,Tehama, and Shasta Counties

Evolving Program of Speakers
This program is under development – watch for updates!

Wednesday morning, April 11

  • Barbara Vlamis, AquAlliance – Welcome
  • Scott McMillan, AECOM – Conservation and management of vernal pools in Southern California: past to present
  • Russ Huddleston, Applied Technology & Science – Past research at a large vernal pool landscape: 1. Jepson Prairie
  • Barbara Castro, Northern California Botanists – Past research at a large vernal pool landscape: 2. The Vina Plains Preserve
  • Don Hankins, California State University, Chico – Vernal pool grasslands as a cultural resource

Wednesday afternoon, April 11

  • Kirsten Bovee, Lassen National Forest – Livestock grazing affects vernal pool specialists more than habitat generalists in Modoc Plateau
  • Kyle Merriam, United States Forest Service – Hydrologic influences on plant community structure in vernal pools in NE California

Thursday morning, April 12

  • Cara Clark, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories – Validation of the CRAM vernal pool module and its use use in vernal pool landscapes
  • Brent Helm, Helm Biological Consulting – Ecology of listed vernal pool branchiopods
  • Shannon Kieran, University of California, Davis – Using environmental DNA to monitor vernal pool organisms in California
  • Jorge Montiel, University of California, Merced – Understanding microbial communities in vernal pools

Thursday afternoon, April 12

  • Molly Stephens, University of California, Merced – Genetics of vernal pool plants and seed banks
  • Daniel Toews, University of California, Merced – Soil effects on Limnanthes douglasii var. rosea
  • Lindsey Cavallaro, Environmental Science Associates – City of San Diego’s vernal pool habitat conservation plan
  • Niall McCarten, University of California, Davis – Effects of landscape structure and climate on vernal pool hydrology
  • John Hunt, Northern California Regional Land Trust – Landowner-led strategies for conserving vernal pool rangelands