Well Monitoring

Monitor Your Wells to Protect Your Water Rights

Well monitoring is one easy way that you — residents and farmers in Butte, Colusa, Glenn and Tehama counties — can document baseline conditions for your wells, which is vital to preserve individual and watershed rights. If we document what is here, it establishes a legal basis to protect the water that is the life blood for our economic and environmental health.

State and federal agencies have been planning to extract massive amounts of water from the region for decades. With the relentless interest in the ground and surface waters of the northern Sacramento Valley comes a very real threat to every person, business, animal, and plant that depends on a healthy, natural water supply.

How to Monitor Your Well

Monitoring your well not only establishes baseline conditions, it also helps you to identify potential water shortages long before they become serious problems. From the measurements, you can determine which are regular seasonal changes and which are problems caused by overpumping, well screen or slotted casing plugging, or reduced groundwater recharge resulting from drought, land clearing or surface drainage.

Click the link to learn how to create a practical, low-cost sounder to measure your well water levels.

How to Make and Use an Electric Sounder to Monitor Water Wells

Let Us Know

It would be most beneficial if you let AquAlliance know that you are participating in well monitoring. This will give us enhanced data to use in environmental review processes and greater standing to represent you, the public, if further litigation is necessary. Please use the form below to help us build the defense for this region’s water. Names and contact information will be kept completely confidential.