Program 2012

DAY ONE: SURFACE WATER – Thursday, November 29, 2012

– Donald Pisani, PhD, retired from University of Oklahoma, “The Foundations of California Water Law, 1850-1928”

Watershed of Origin Panel
– Lucinda Shih, Contra Costa Water District, “Delta Water Quality, Past and Present” View Shih Presentation
– Michael Jackson, attorney, “Delta Stewardship Council & Area of Origin”
– Tim O’Laughlin, attorney, “Watershed of Origin”

– Steve Evans, Friends of the River, “State of California Rivers 2012”
– Don Mooney, attorney
NOTE: Steve Evans & Don Mooney had to withdraw from the conference, so the film Over Troubled Waters was shown instead.

Keynote Speaker John Herrick – “Delta Fundamentals: The Origin of the Crisis”

Present Conditions
– Sue Fry, USBR, “Central Valley Project”
– Felix Smith, retired USFWS.. “Water Policy:  From Congressional Acts to What Happened”
– Tom Stokely, C-WIN, “The Trinity River and the CVP-A Trail of Broken Promises”

– Brian Ellrott, NMFS. “Current Status of, and Recovery Planning for, Winter-run Chinook Salmon, Spring-run Chinook Salmon, Steelhead, and Green Sturgeon in the Central Valley of California”
– Mike Chotkowski, Field Supervisor for the San Francisco Bay-Delta Fish and Wildlife Office. “The Long Uncertain Journey of Delta Smelt”
– Tom Cannon, Fisheries Biologist and Estuarine Ecologist.
– Paul Maslin, CSU Chico Prof (emeritus). “Ecological Value of the Sacramento River’s Forgotten Tributaries”

– Ed MacMullan, economist, ECONorthwest. “Economics of the Public Trust Balancing in the Mono Lake Decision”

DAY 2: GROUND WATER AND THE FUTURE – Friday, November 30, 2012

– Sally Manning, PhD, Environmental Director, Big Pine Paiute Tribe of the Owens Valley, “Groundwater Pumping Effects on Native Vegetation in Owens Valley” View Manning Presentation
– Daniel Prichett, longtime Owens Valley water activist & member of the Owens Valley Committee, “Utilitarianism and Its Discontents or, A Century of Colonial Rule in Owens Valley” – e-mail Daniel Prichett at for a copy of his presentation
– Tom Stokely, California Water Impact Network, “Groundwater and the CVP in the Western San Joaquin Valley”  View Stokely Presentation

– Michael Jackson, attorney, “Ground Water Law”
– Adam Keats, Center for Biological Diversity, Monterey, “The Privatization of the Kern Water Bank and the State Water Project”  View Keats Presentation

Lunch Keynote Speaker – Michelle Sneed, US Geological Survey, “Renewed Rapid Subsidence in the San Joaquin Valley, California”  View Sneed Presentation

– Todd Greene, PhD, CSU, Chico, “Hydrostratigraphy of the Lower Tuscan Potential Aquifer Using Well-logs and Sandstone Composition within Portions of Glenn and Butte Counties”
– Jean Moran, PhD, CSU, East Bay, “Sources of Recharge and Groundwater Residence Times in the Northern Sacramento Valley”  View Moran Presentation
– Claudia Faunt, US Geological Survey, “Updates to the Central Valley Hydrologic Model, with an Emphasis on Improving the Simulation of Land Subsidence in the San Joaquin Valley”   View Faunt Presentation

Conjunctive Use
– Thad Bettner, Glenn Colusa Irrigation District, & Grant Davids, Davids Engineering, “Potential for Water Supply Improvement and Ecologic Flow Enhancement through Reservoir Re-Operation and Conjunctive Water Management in the Northern Sacramento Valley”  View Bettner & Davids Presentationr
– Jim Brobeck & Barbara Vlamis, AquAlliance  View Brobeck Presentation

The Future
– Bill Jennings, California Sportfishing Protection Alliance